• You.... 

    This world seems so different
    Than it ever did before.
    I can now put on a smile
    As I head on out the door.

    My heart is not as heavy,
    It's beginning to feel light.
    I'm glad I didn't let you go,
    I had to stand and fight.

    My life would be so different
    If you turned and walked away.
    My heart would so bitter
    If you didn't want to stay.

    Though love has but four letters,
    It still can be quite strong.
    A sacrifice is willing
    When you've loved someone so long.

    It doesn't really matter
    Who's right and who was wrong.
    What really matters most,
    Are the words to our own song.

    For you see the love I hold
    Is nothing more but true,
    For the only man who holds my heart
    is no one else but you.
    by Norman Hale Jr.


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