One Wish..
    If I had just one wish,
    I'd wish you could just see..
    How your hurtful words
    Cut deep inside of me.

    You say you really love me.
    And though you're always there,
    deep within my heart,
    I feel you just don't care.

    You cuss, put down and argue;
    Complain at all I do.
    How much all this just hurts me,
    But you haven't got a clue.

    I try so very hard,
    If only you could see.
    How the tiniest little effort
    Means so much more to me.

    You choose not to support me
    In anything I do,
    When you criticize my efforts,
    You make my heart so blue.

    Never would I do that,
    I'd never put you down.
    If I ever saw you unhappy
    I would turn your frown around.

    I'd tell you just how proud
    I am with all you do.
    You know that I'm not lying,
    For I'm always true with you.

    So why can't you be happy
    With all I try to be?
    You're always so against me,
    For what reason I can not see.

    So if ever i could wish,
    I'd wish you so much joy.
    I'd wish you to be happy,
    And that life you would enjoy.
    by Norman Hale Jr.


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